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FBD-II Five funcions electric bed

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FBD-II Five funcions electric bed use:

FBD-II Five funcions electric bed Is according to the patient for as the sufferings of the elder bedridden patients developed specifically for cannot provide for oneself, and the special needs of disabled persons, paralysed, maternal designed, using a unique double fold surface structure, the bed is soft mat for the special structure, make the bed surface to form can be adjusted freely cost, such as horizontal space state, people have got up, defecation (washable enclosed interior odor) reduction functions such as nursing bed, nursing bed upper adopts unique design for the physiotherapy magnetic cushion, have health care function, can stimulate blood circulation, improve the level of care, improve patient quality of life, difficult to solve a series of nursing problems.

FBD-II Five funcions electric bed technical parameters:

Model FBD-II
Size 2300*1050*530/710mm
Back-rest 0-65°
Foot-rest 0-43°
Hi-Low 710-530mm
Tredelenburg 10°
Rev Tredelenburg 10°
Optional Backup Battery 

FBD-II Five funcions electric bed Advantage:

(1) a touch switch equipped with advanced performance is solved by solving the problem of the limited service life and force of the traditional mechanical buttons

(2)Two guardrails on one side of the bed, complete with an embedded pot-touch keyboard, which allows the patient to adjust the posture of the bed body. There is a touch keyboard on the outside of the bed that can be used by paramedics for the posture of the bed body, and it can be added to the system to ensure safety

(3) the posture of the bed is carried out by electric operation, with the indicator lamp to display the performance of the function

(4) a bond that flattens the bond, allowing the bed to return to its initial state at any Angle

(5) a battery is equipped to cope with an emergency such as a power failure

FBD-II Five funcions electric bed logistics:

medical function Hospital table   medical function Hospital bed

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