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FBD-I ICU Electric Bed

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FBD-I icu electric bed concept instructions:

Can electric control plate head or foot height, and free adjustment plate bending degree of the bedstead, divided into two major categories of skeleton and the bed board type, skeleton called Europe type electric bed, the bed board type called American electric bed [1]. Vibratory or music functions may be configured as needed, and can now be remotely controlled with a mobile device, commonly used in homes or health care

FBD-I icu electric bed technical parameters:

Model FBD-I
Size 2240*1100*630/1000mm
Bed High-Low 0-60°
Foot Rest 0-35°
Tilt your Angle around and around 0-13°(±2°)
Height adjustable 630-1000mm

FBD-I icu electric bed Advantage:

The end of the bed bed of ABS is easy to unload (with insurance pin)

The ABS rail can move up and down, using safer

The central control wheel is more stable

Configure the Danish safety voltage motor (LINAK)

Full range adjustable hand controller

FBD-I icu electric bed logistics:


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