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FZ700/700 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light

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FZ700/700 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light Detail Parameters:

1, the principle of reflection: multi mirror reflection;

2, ceiling type installation, composite shadowless lamp, lamp base diameter 700mm, diameter 500mm sub lamp;

3, the illumination is greater than or equal to 160000/120000Lux;

4, the system uses the balance of the six dimensional suspension system, the group of universal joint linkage, a full range of 360 degrees of design, with fatigue correction device and the positioning of the hand adjustment device, the use of regular time to facilitate positioning adjustment;

Number 5, Amsco: each lamp each 2 imported OSRAM halogen bulb, a spare lamp automatic conversion function;

6, color temperature: 4300K + 500K;

8, lighting depth more than 1000mm;

9, color reduction index greater than 97Ra;

10, infrared radiation absorption of more than 99%;

11, cold light source system: Doctor head temperature rise of 2 degrees, the operation of the field temperature rise of about 10 degrees c;

12, power supply voltage: 0 ~ 220V/50HZ;

13, the lamp surface glass lamp panel adopts Germany PC (soft plastic plates), anti glare, anti impact, high security

FZ700/700 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light technique data: 

Model FL700/700
Illumination 160,000/160,000lux
Color temperature adjusment 4300±500K
Spot diameter 120~300mm
Illumination depth ≥100cm
Illumination-adjusting 10-100%
Light-adjusting mode Eight grade dimmer system
Color indication index 97Ra
Power supply 220V,50Hz/110V,60Hz
Input power 500VA
Power of bulb 150W/150W
Temperature rise at surgeon’s head ≦2℃
Installed range(stand arm) 2900mm
Average service life 1,000hrs
Optional Emergency battery,camera system


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