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FL700/500 LED shadowless operating light

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FL700/500 LED shadowless operating light advantage:

● Adoped advanced patent technology,chaieve depth of illuminationg,coloe temperature and color indicationg index of harmony and unity.

● Germany OSRAMLED bulb own high performance,with high effciency layout,the effect of energy saving is superior to other international brand in the same illuminance.

● Adopted two alike color temperature LED bulb,in order to prevent surgical from dizzy.ensure the surgeon clearly and accurately to identiy the color of vascular tissue and nerve tract.

● Adoped single 1w LED bulb,lowest heat arising,effcient heat dissipation,improved service life. 

FL700/500 LED shadowless operating light technique data:

Model FL700/500 LED
Illumination 160,000/120,000lux
Color temperature adjusment 4500±500K
Color indication index 97Ra
Spot diameter 130~350mm
Illumination depth ≥140cm
Illumination-adjusting 10-100%
Light-adjusting mode Ten grade dimmer system
Focus mode Manual
Power supply 220V,50Hz/110V,60Hz
Input power 192VA
Power of bulb 1W
Temperature rise at surgeon’s head ≦1℃
Installed range(stand arm) 2800mm
Average service life 60,000hrs
Optional Emergency battery,camera system


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