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FBD-VII European Three funcions electric bed

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FBD-VII European Three funcions electric bed instructions:

Multi-function nursing bed used is according to the years for as the sufferings of bedridden patients and hospitals professor put forward opinions and developed on its own, specially designed for the patient cannot provide for oneself, the disabled, paralysed, designed the special needs of maternal care bed.

Features electric back up and back down, electric curved legs and flat, curved legs on the function, the extrusion resistant, electric side turn around back, two timing automatic side turn, electric bedpan lifting, induction type automatic toilet, sitting against the sideslip function, prevent the decline in the human body function, wireless call, electric storage function, shampoo, wash feet, stop function, can eat read access to the Internet and other daily activities; The intelligent series not only has the function of common nursing bed but also increases the function such as voice control, eye control and so on.

FBD-VII European Three funcions electric bed technical parameters:

Size 2150*1030*320

FBD-VII European Three funcions electric bed Advantage:

Function: back adjustment, knee adjustment, whole lift

The imported motor system, silent design, whole bed operation is smooth, no jumping. Easy to operate, easy to operate

The tail board of the bed is made of good wood, the surface is environmentally friendly and the color is warm

Bed panel: copper wire mesh welding, high strength, good ventilation

When the back plate is falling, it is not directly affected by the electric traction. The post-tensioning function can relieve the pressure of the abdomen while sitting up, and reduce the pressure load on the back

The 5-inch import band brake

The bed is surrounded by infusion plug and drainage

FBD-VII European Three funcions electric bed logistics:


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