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FL520 LED shadowless operating light

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
  • Product Detail

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    FL520 LED shadowless operating light:

    ★The imported LED cold light source is a real cold light source, and the doctor’s head and wound area have almost no temperature rise.

    ★Painted white LED is different from ordinary operation shadowless lamp light source color temperature characteristics, can increase the color of blood and other body tissues, organs, has resulted in a doctor’s surgery vision more clearly.

    ★Using digital means to control the brightness of leds, the operator can adjust its brightness according to its adaptability.

    ★The color temperature can be adjusted according to the adaptability of the operator and different operation.

    ★The LED shadow-lamp is a pure dc power supply, no stroboscopic and no harmonic interference with other equipment in the working area.

    ★Using the import switch power supply control voltage, the working voltage is always stable.

    ★Taken the removable handle jacket, can be in 1 to 35 ℃ high temperature disinfection.

    ★To end the use of special optical system, 360 ℃ uniform irradiation on observed objects, generating virtual shadow, the resolution is high.

    ★It has an average life length (50000h) and is more than 20 times more than the traditional halogen bulb (1500h).

    ★The LED has high luminous efficiency, resistance to impact, not to be broken, non-mercury pollution, and its emitted light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation pollution.

    ★U no welding titanium alloy large arm, the lamp holder of streamlined design more accord with the design requirements of modern purification laminar flow operating room, fashionable appearance make this product for hospital operating room provides a new bright spot.

    FL520 LED shadowless operating light use method:See our video instructions

    FL520 LED shadowless operating light technique data:

    Model FL520LED
    Diameter of dome 500mm
    Illumination 120,000lux
    Color temperature adjusment 3500-5000K
    Color indication index ≧95Ra
    Spot diameter 180~300mm
    L1+L2 Illumination depth 120cm
    Illumination-adjusting 10-100%
    Ultraviolet light irradicance within 40mm wave length 0.002w/m2
    Focus mode Manual
    Power supply 220V/110V
    Input power 80VA
    Light source LED
    Tmperature rise at surgical ´s head ≦1℃
    Installed range(standard arm) 2800-3200mm
    Average service life ≧50,000hrs
    Optional Emergency battery

    FL520 The method of maintenance of LED shadowless operating light: 

    1,Check the fasteners of LED lights regularly to prevent accidents.

    2,If the LED lamp is found to be broken, the above method will be replaced. If the manufacturer is not allowed to change, notify the manufacturer for replacement.

    3,Always use wet soft cloth or sponge to touch a small amount of alcohol, scrub the surface of LED lamp and the Y tube, strictly prohibit water or other liquid to wash.

    4,To clean and disinfect the lamp’s handle regularly, which can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, formalin, new jal, or soas or fumigation; Not more than three days or surgery or 5 times every time before the operation, the lamp body handle coat for 138 ℃ high temperature cooking disinfection.

    5,there is any other malfunction, unable to deal with, please contact the company after-sales service department, have not been evaluated by the company personnel or full-time shadowless lamp repair personnel recognition, please do not remove the leds and control circuit at will.

    FL520 LED shadowless operating light prodcutpacking: 



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