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FCA-13 laundry collecting trolley

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FCA-13 laundry collecting trolley use:

Lower part of medical care including the base, the base installation of four wheels, the upper base installation lifting adjustable bracket, lifting adjusting the upper installation lifting platform support, lifting platform installation, lifting platform respectively installed on both sides of the first guide bar and the second guide rod, the first guide rod is installed on the first sliding sleeve, the first sliding sleeve is installed on the first bracket, flat hinge even at the end of the first bracket and activity, activity toggle hook plate at the other end of the installation, the second guide rod is installed on the second sliding sleeve, the second sliding sleeve is installed on the bracket. It can solve the problems existing in the current technology, can be adjusted according to patients body sizes of different height, make patients to take more comfortable, and it can provide written for patients and in consumption platform, can meet the use requirements of patients.

FCA-13 laundry collecting trolley instructions:

Specification: 1185*570*936mmm

1, select stainless steel thickness pipe, wall thickness is greater than 1.0 MM. It has anti-shock, strong bearing, bright and new quality characteristics.

2,The welding and welding process is combined with the new welding technology, with 304 special soldering wires, which can not be soldered, the surface of the welding surface is uniform, and beautiful and strong.

3, the pipe joints, the semi-arc ramming is close to the mouth, no burrs. The design of non-destructive strength of the machine is designed.

4, check the stainless steel dirt car select ship grade type canvas, fast fasteners, have good wear-resisting performance, and highlight the strict requirement for detail.

5,The first national foot wheel is guaranteed for three years. The wheelbarrow is equipped with an import 

supermute medical foot wheel, the high elastic TPR material of shaole 50 degrees, the tire surface of the tire, not degummed, not sticky. The industrial nylon wheel is superior to ten times steel structure, not rusted, unvarnished. High precision deep groove bearing, rotating light, has been configured with the innate supermute effect.

6, the morning care car package adopts import special carton, only for the user to be safe and timely to receive the satisfactory goods.

FCA-13 laundry collecting trolley logistics:


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