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FCA-09 medicine trolley

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FCA-09 medicine trolley Use:

The products are suitable for medical supplies, medical supplies, etc.

FCA-09 medicine trolley instructions:

Size: 625 * 475 * 920mm

1: the product consists of aluminum, plastic, and steel.

2: the side and reverse side are moulded by cold rolled steel, the color is simple, suitable for the hospital environment.

3: the framework USES aluminum alloy structure;

4: the drawer adopts full plastic ABS material modular design;

5: with the shutter door, the lock; Ensuring the safety and sealing of drugs;

6: the lower part of the collision belt shall be covered with soft PVC. Strong cushioning effect.

7: the left and right sides of the box and the dirt bucket.

8: the luxurious mute foot wheel, push the silent; Bring a double brake wheel.

FCA-09 medicine trolley logistics:


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