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FCA-11 Ivtreatment trolley

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FCA-11 Ivtreatment trolley use:

It is suitable for the treatment of different hospital wards and nursing center management requirements, can be placed intravenous fluids related items, free mode drawer configuration largely meet the needs of treatment items order placement and delivery, super quiet

FCA-11 Ivtreatment trolley instructions:

Max Size:790*480*920mm

Min Size:720*470*920mm

1,ABS is made of ABS, which is light and easy to clean. The mesa is matched with transparent soft glass.

2,The vertical column adopts 3MM aluminum alloy profile, the strength is high, wear-resisting anti-corrosion, the appearance is beautiful and exquisite;

3,The design of ABS sub-table is designed to extend the working mesa in the application process.

4,The side board is made of aluminum alloy plate, not rusty, easy to clean, the body is lighter, the color is light and elegant suitable for the hospital environment.The ABS is fitted with a stainless steel fence that can effectively block the slide of items in the process.

5,Two ABS drawers, a 20-top drawer, and a 20-top drawer. There are free inserts in the drawer, which can be assembled at will.

6,The drawer is chosen to hold three silent slide rails, push and pull smooth, quiet, noiseless, heavy load, self-locking;

7,The wheelbarrow is equipped with import jingyin medical foot wheel, the wheel tread of the high elastic TPR material of shaole 50 degrees, and it is not degummed and unglued. 8,Industrial nylon wheel is superior to ten times steel structure, no rust, no depaint. The high precision deep groove bearing, rotating light, has been configured with the innate supermute effect.

9,Place the trash can on the side. You can easily pick it off.

10,There is an ABS push on the right, and the bottom is equipped with a disinfectant bucket net.

11,Stainless steel conveyance racks, which can be easily removed.

12,Open large space, can place small instrument equipment.

FCA-11 Ivtreatment trolley logistics: 


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