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FCA-14 waste clooecting trolley

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FCA-14 waste clooecting trolley use:

The main application is in the classification and transport of hospital sewage. The car is made up of stainless steel, ABS engineering plastic, high quality canvas, super mute foot wheel, compressed air spring and so on. Advanced feet human design, easy and easy, close ABS cover design, bad smell

FCA-14 waste clooecting trolley instructions:

Specification: 800*590*890mmm 1,Welding of high-quality stainless steel materials; 2,The upper lid is closed and strong, the anti-smell, ABS engineering raw material injection molding; 3, foot open to the advanced cushioning design, close mute; 4,Quality cloth bag, blue and yellow color differentiation; 5,The bottom has the elastic anti-collision device, the super mute foot wheel to the Angle brake, push the light.

FCA-14 waste clooecting trolley logistics:  03.jpg

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