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FC-41 ultraviolet radiation sterilizing trolley

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FC-41 ultraviolet radiation sterilizing trolley Use:

1,The uv light of the sterilization lamp is strong, the life span is long, the light is small

2. This product can kill a (H1N1), the SARS virus, the influenza virus, hepatitis b, e. coli and other infectious diseases (especially the germs that spreads through the air)

3,Automatic delay of 60 seconds, can ensure the personnel leave the scene first, the ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp begins to work, in order to avoid to harm the human body

4,The lamp can be folded and stored easily

5,The timer function, the disinfecting car automatically stops working in the time limit, the disinfection time is set free

6,Power can be expanded, equipped with two 30W lamp pipes, and free to open one or two lamp tubes。

7,With a 360 degree wheel, it is easy to move

FC-41 ultraviolet radiation sterilizing trolley instructions:

Voltage: 220V + 10% 50Hz

Ultraviolet lamp tube power: 30W * 2

Radiation uv wavelengths: 253.7 nm

Uv radiation: single bulb 125 pairs 250 (test range: 1 meter from the center of the lamp tube)

The lamp can adjust Angle: 0-180 degrees can be adjustable

Disinfection time limit: 0 to 120 minutes

FC-41 ultraviolet radiation sterilizing trolley logistics:


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