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FC-10 stainless steel baby trolley

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FC-10 stainless steel baby trolley instructions:

FC-10 stainless steel baby trolley Equipped with monocoque body, the corners of anti-collision device greatly guarantee the safety and stability when turning, food-grade PP baby basin space is large, environmental non-toxic tasteless, the product is used Yu Aiying hospital, hospital of obstetrics and gynecology, confined center, family and other places.

FC-10 stainless steel baby trolley instructions:

Size: 810 *450* 870mm

1,Excellent stainless steel tube welding;

2,You can easily put down the guardrail.

3,The super mute foot wheel facilitates mobile push.

4,According to customer’s requirement, optional mat.

Stainless steel baby stroller, stainless steel baby bed, medical pram is made of high quality stainless steel material, use of new welding technology, to build a leading brand strong and beautiful medical pram. With the high capacity of the pram and the smooth and smooth welding point, the design concept of the design is carried out by the European and European advanced design concepts, the integration of the Asian human engineering mechanics and the usage habits. The use of high quality mute caster to achieve silent silent is applied in the warm room. User thumb up stainless steel pram, we will try to make more effort.

FC-10 stainless steel baby trolley logistics:


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