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FC-24 stainles steel anesthesia trolley

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FC-24 stainles steel anesthesia trolley Use:

The car guardrail is made up of 12 mm and 5 mm Φ Φ stainless steel processing and welding burnish The car body is designed by two closed doors The stainless steel tube and stainless steel plate are welded and assembled to resist corrosion. The left hand side is equipped with a pusher, which is a stainless steel round tube.

FC-24 stainles steel anesthesia trolley instructions:

Using stainless steel materials to bend, press, and weld. Panel, body, floor board, drawer, door thickness delta 1.0 mm; Adopt 75mm wanxiang wheel 4, high wear-resisting, noiseless and stable. The car is firm, beautiful and easy to operate.

Product performance:

1: the stainless steel rescue vehicle body is divided into two parts, the upper large volume lockers, the drawer adopts the mute slide track, and the drawing is relaxed and flexible. It can also be used to select steel fibre push-pull glass. Can deposit disposable infusion, cotton swab, gauze etc., convenient and practical. The exterior is beautiful, flat, correct, the four corners parallel, the surface has no front edge, the burrs and other obvious defects, the welding parts are polished and smooth, polished and even. 3: with high quality and high quality silent caster, with a load of 50kg, it is easy to be flexible, no snake walk and abnormal noise.

FC-24 stainles steel anesthesia trolley logistics: 物流.png

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