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FC-19 stainles steel dressing trolley

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FC-19 stainles steel dressing trolley general situation:

The stainless steel oral delivery vehicle is divided into two layers, all with stainless steel guardrails and top drawer. Using mute slide, pull easy and flexible.The exterior is beautiful, flat, correct, four corners parallel, the surface has no front edge, the burrs and other obvious defects, the welding parts are polished and smooth, polished and even.It is equipped with high quality and high quality mute foot wheel, and with the weight of 50kg, it is easy to be easy and flexible, no snake walking and abnormal noise.

FC-19 stainles steel dressing trolley instructions:


The welding and welding process is combined with the new welding technology, with 304 special welding wire, which can not be soldered by the grid product, the surface of the welding surface is smooth and uniform, and the appearance is strong.

The stainless steel medicine car USES the penetration welding structure design, which makes the whole body strong and beautiful.Check the stainless steel and the thickness of the pipe wall is greater than 1.0 MM. The whole car has anti-impact, strong bearing, bright and new quality characteristics.

The plate is 0.81 MM thick and the surface is 40KG, double layer design, each layer is welded with supporting tube. The fence is made of solid stainless steel rods to make strong and durable.

The stainless steel wide drawer, the space is sufficient, the drawer chooses the high strength national standard three-section silent slide track, push-pull smooth, quiet, noiseless, the capacity is large;

Both drawers have secure locks;

The first domestic foot wheel is guaranteed for three years. The wheelbarrow is equipped with an import supermute medical foot wheel, the high elastic TPR material of shaole 50 degrees, the tire surface of the tire, not degummed, not sticky. The industrial nylon wheel is superior to ten times steel structure, not rusted, unvarnished. High precision deep groove bearing, rotating light, and the disposition of the innate supermute effect.

The whole car is strictly inspected by the quality control department, and no user is required to install the attached foot wheel attachment.The stainless steel cart is packed with imported special carton, only for customers to receive satisfactory goods safely and promptly.

FC-19 stainles steel dressing trolley logistics:


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