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FZ500 Halogen Shadowless operating light

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FZ500 Halogen shadowless operating light advantages:

Operation shadowless lamp designed for outstanding performance, the system f two operating room lamp includes all the required functions, in the center of the surgery, light color correction, the pattern of operation shadowless lamp size adjustable, electronic touch control on/off and dimming: hand speed and the high output power of the fan, flexible and wide range of suspension arm maximum coverage. Objects can generate under DianDengGuang consists of umbra and penumbra shadow, the same is true, it is obvious that the area of the light-emitting objects, the greater the umbra the smaller, if we are in a candle on a circle around the tea canister, the umbra totally disappear, penumbra and light was out of sight, the scientists made the operation according to the principle mentioned above with shadowless lamp, it will be great lamp luminous intensity in the lamp on the disk is arranged into a round shape, synthesis of a large area of the light source, in this way, you can put the light from different angles to the operating table, not only ensure surgical field have enough brightness, and won’t produce clear shadow at the same time.

FZ500 Halogen shadowless operating light technique data:

Model FZ500
Luminance 120,000lux
Color temperature 4300k±500k
Spot diameter 120–280mm
Illumination depth ≥2500mm
Light-adjusting mode Eight grade dimmer system
Temperature at surgeon’s head ≤2°C
Color indication index 97%
Power supply 220V 50H/110V 60HZ
Input power 220VA
Power of bulb 150W
Optional Emergency battery

FZ500 Halogen Shadowless operating light product packaging:



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