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FZ700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light

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FZ700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light Advantage:

Tts service life time is 50,00hrs which is 60 times longer than hanlgen light. No need to replace LE bulb,low maintenance cost,economical.

Adopted new LED cold light source,with lowest ultraviolet and infrared ray in light spectrum no heat rising in radiation surface

Universal joint linkage.360 degree rotation design,which is rasuer and accurate.Due to the perfect layout of LED bulb,the light bulb is as bright as the sunlight without shadow and still keep uniform erev parts of light source is sheltered by the shoulder,hands and head of the surgeon.Can be customized camera system,clarity:520-700tvl,good showing effect.

FZ700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Light technique data: 

Model FZ700/500
Illumination 160,000/120,000lux
Color temperature adjusment 4300±500K
Spot diameter 120~280mm
L1+L2 Illumination depth ≥100cm
Light-adjusting mode Eight grade dimmer system
Color indication index 97Ra
Focus mode 220V,50Hz/110V,60Hz
Power supply 220V
Power of bulb 150W
Tmperature rise at surgical’s head ≦2℃
Average service life 1,000hrs
Shift of major and standby lamps
Optional Emergency battery


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