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FC-IIIS Manual Transfer Stretcher

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FC-IIIS Manual Transfer Stretcher instructions:

Rescue truck, including car body, and placed on the car body medical cabinets, medical cabinets including cabinet put oneself in another’s position and lid, the top of the cabinet put oneself in another’s position is used for drug Spaces, cabinet put oneself in another’s position is used to enclosed Spaces push-pull cover, car body has used to fix on oxygen bomb oxygen cylinder sleeve, one end of the car body is equipped with the infusion frame, installed in a rescue of the car at the same time have a transfusion and oxygen cylinder sleeve, and set up with multiple items of the drawer, ambry, could hold more items, use rise more convenient, push-pull cover plate on the one hand, can be used as a cover plate, and can be used as a work station at the same time, increasing the surface area of the operation.

FC-IIIS Manual Transfer Stretcher parameters:

Model fc-iiis, high – low: 920-610mm, packaging: 0.98 m3 / piece, net weight: 92kg

FC-IIIS Manual Transfer Stretcher advantage: 

When the handshakes move the car, it moves clockwise, the body up. When you roll counterclockwise, the body goes down.Aluminum alloy guardrail, which can be placed under the bed panel when not used.

The central control wheel, 150mm in diameter, is equipped with a central guide wheel which can help the user to control the direction of the journey.

The rocker of the rocking bed can be moved parallel to the other bed or the operating table.

FC-IIIS Manual Transfer Stretcher logistics:


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