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FJ-2 new type medical X-ray view box

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FJ-2 new type medical X-ray view box Use:

The semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) is used as a light-emitting light source. The LED viewing lamp has the advantages of high luminance, long life, energy saving environment, good earthquake resistance and low heat. But its high manufacturing costs have limited its widespread popularity. At present in the middle and high level hospital, and the advanced nondestructive testing unit use more

FJ-2 new type medical X-ray view box instructions:

1, LED lamp using the latest technology of LED solid-state lighting light source, light source, the safety of the working voltage for 24 v dc voltage, and the security, stability and reliability are improved.

2,More uniform, the multi-link film observation lamp has no dark area, the light intensity evenness can achieve more than         80%, the other view film the lamplight intensity is only 70%.

3,Thinner, LED view lamp thickness is less than 23mm. CCFL LCD has a thickness of 25 mm.

4,Brighter, the highest brightness can reach 4000cd/m2, the traditional fluorescent lamp or CCFL LCD is only 1200cd/m2. LED view lamp greatly improves the quality of medical image diagnosis.

5,The color temperature is more stable, avoiding the yellowing phenomenon of traditional fluorescent or CCFL LCD lamp lamp.

6,With a longer life span, LED illuminant has a life span of 50,000 hours, about three times as large as a CCFL LCD, and five to ten times as large as a standard daylight lamp.

7,More environmentally friendly, with no mercury in environmental protection.

8,The key indicators may be higher than that of the national standard of medical image. The luminance index of fluorescent or CCFL LCD is not up to standard.

9,,brightness stability, no frequency flash, greatly reduce the visual fatigue.

10,No need to start preheating, and CCFL LCD and ordinary viewing lamps need to be warmed up.

11, LED lamp and traditional medical view compared with number of lights, because using smart technology, has increased a lot of new features, such as: insert induction (light), partition lights, button dimmer, digital display brightness, brightness memory, regular shutdown, especially manual automatic dual function, not only provide users with convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, and greatly prolong the life of the product.

FJ-2 new type medical X-ray view box logistics:


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