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FJ-21 top-grade chair for waiting 3 seat

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FJ-21 top-grade chair for waiting 3 seat Use:

Four people a 243 x 68 x 80 cm (unit) durable, comfortable and generous, narrow area, effective use of space, applied to public places, such as: airports, railway station/bus station/terminal) waiting areas, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, bank, (stock/shares) exchange, hotel, hotel, office, conference room, entertainment venues, parks, churches, etc.

FJ-21 top-grade chair for waiting 3 seat instructions:

1, chair: adopt 1.5 mm thick stainless steel plate press, welding form, surface brushed processing.

2,Side bar: adopting high quality stainless steel, bending, setting, surface polishing treatment.

3,Handrail/stand foot: adopt the high quality 1.5mm stainless steel plate with die casting, surface polishing treatment.

4,Beam: adopt 40 * 80 * 2.0 MM cold rolled steel plate, by precision cold drawing, surface spray treatment, then electrostatic spraying treatment, normal use is not easy to corrode rust.

FJ-21 top-grade chair for waiting 3 seat logistics:


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