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FB-D1 electric five funcions nursing bed

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FB-D1 electric five funcions nursing bed use: 

One, lift function

The end of the bed of the bed:

According to the height and clinical needs of the medical staff, adjust the height of the bed arbitrarily in the range of 1-20cm.

Enlarging the floor space between the ground and the bed, facilitating the insertion of the base of the small X-ray machine, clinical examination and treatment instrument.

It is convenient for maintenance personnel to inspect the products.

1.4 facilitate the treatment of the dirt by paramedics.

2, after before descending (i.e., the head of a bed) lowered the end of the bed can be within the scope of 0 ° – 11 ° any tilt, convenient for patients in acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and related clinical examination, treatment and care.

(that is, the end of the bed)

4, can be arbitrary within 0 ° – 11 ° inclined, facilitate and related critically ill patients with postoperative patients of examination, treatment and care (such as sputum suction, gastric lavage, etc.).

Second, sit up and lie down function

Besides lying down, the bed body back in 0 ° to 80 ° within the scope of any lifting, leg plate can be within the scope of 0 ° – 50 ° any JiangSheng. The patient can choose the appropriate sitting Angle in bed, to satisfy the meal, take medicine, drink water, wash the feet, read the newspaper, watch TV and the need of moderate limb exercise.

3, the right and left turn function

Three-point arc type turn design, can make patients in 0 ° to 60 ° around within the scope of any turn, prevent bedsore is generated. There are two kinds of flip side when you roll over and you need to.

Dissolving function

4.1 embedded type toilet, mobile toilet seat cover, urinal front the activities of the baffle, hot and cold storage tank, cold water heating equipment, hot and cold water conveying device, built-in fan, hot outside hanging type heat fan, cold and hot water gun etc, formed a complete system of answer the call of nature.

4.2 a disability patients (generally weak, hemiplegia, paraplegia, years postoperative patients to restore) can be finished in a nursing staff help relieve nature, water, hot water washing Yin, hot air drying and other series of actions; It can also be operated automatically by the patient with one hand, and automatically completes all the procedures of the solution. Also specially designed for monitoring and alarm function, urine for total disability and unconscious patients themselves, the automatic monitoring and nursing bed processing, thoroughly solved the difficult problem of urine in patients with bed.

Wash head and wash feet auxiliary function

Because of the chronic bed, muscle, and blood vessels being squeezed, the loss of blood flow in the lower extremities of the patient’s lower extremities is often slower. Washing feet regularly can effectively lower the blood vessels in the lower extremities and accelerate the circulation of the blood. It is very helpful to restore health. The regular shampoo can help patients to stop itchy blood and keep it clean, and they can keep them happy, strengthen their confidence in the fight against disease.

The specific operation flow: after sitting up, the special washing foot frame is inserted in the feet, the hot water in the basin is poured in humidity, can wash the feet daily for the patient; Remove the pillow and head at the bottom of the mattress, put special basin of wash one’s hands, pelvic floor of diversion pipe through the modelling on the back hole, into the slop pail, open the activities of the card on the bed type hot nozzle, shower hoses are connected to the heat inside the bucket of water pump export, the pump plug connected with insurance three hole socket), the operation is simple, convenient, a shampoo in patients nursing staff can independently.

FB-D1 electric five funcions nursing bed technical parameters:

Model FB-D1
Size 2150*950*420/620mm

FB-D1 electric five funcions nursing bed advantage: 

The end of the bed bed of ABS is easy to unload (with insurance pin)

Aluminum alloy guardrail, can fold, use safer

The control wheel is more stable

Configure the Danish safety voltage motor (LINAK)

All-directional adjustable hand controller

FB-D1 electric five funcions nursing bed logistics:


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