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FL500 LED shadowless operating light

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    FL500 LED operating light detail parameters:

    1, ceiling type installation, cantilever LED shadowless light, light diameter 500mm

    2, the illuminatin is greater than or equal to 120000Lux

    3, balance system using imported German six dimensional suspension system, six sets of universal joint, 360 degree design, with fatigue correction device and a positioning handle adjusting device, constant time after use for positioning adjustment

    4. It has the advantages of endoscope light and convenient operation

    5, color temperature: 4300K + 500K

    6, lighting depth more than 1200mm

    7, spot diameter (D50) mm 130-350

    8, amount of LED 64

    9, life span more than 60000 hours

    10, color reduction index greater than 95Ra

    11, infrared radiation absorption of more than 99%

    12, cold light source system: Doctor head temperature rise of 2 degrees, the operation of the field temperature rise of about 10 degrees

    13, power supply voltage: 0 ~ 220V/50HZ

    14, the lamp surface glass light panel adopts Germany PC (soft plastic plates), anti glare, anti impact, high security

    FL500 LED operating light technique data: 

    Model FL500 LED
    Illumination 120,000lux
    Color temperature 4500±500K
    Color indication index 97Ra
    Spot diameter 130~350mm
    Illumination depth 120cm
    Illumination-adjusting 10-100%
    Ultraviolet light irradicance within 40mm wave legth 0.002w/m2
    Tmperature rise at surgical ;s head ≦1℃
    Focus mode Manual
    Light-adjusting mode Ten grade dimmer system
    Power supply 220V,50Hz/100V,60Hz
    Input power 64VA
    Light source LED
    Average service lifw 60,000hrs
    Lowest height of installation 2800mm
    Optional Emergency battery


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