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FB-35 Flat bed with stainless steel bed Head and strip type bed surface

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
  • Product Detail

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    FB-35 Flat bed with stainless steel bed head and strip type bed surfcae use instructions: 

    1, position adjustment: clench head control handle, quickly remove spring self-locking, the piston rod stretched out, and at the same time raises slowly driving head of a bed surface, up to the Angle of the need, loosen the handle and the bed surface is locked in the position; Same grip grip and downward pressure drop; The lifting of the thigh is controlled by the position of the thigh. Foot bed surface movements controlled by the foot control handle, when closed, pull pin out of the positioning hole by gravity drop, to the required level, loosen the handle, foot bed surface is locked in the position; Coordinating the use of control handles and handles allows the patient to get from flat to semi-lying, leg, flat, and posture. In addition, patients in the condition of the hypothesis, if want to side, pull side of the small bed, turn down the side of the fence, one hand to press the surface of the outside of the control button and remove the side of a gas spring self-locking, the piston rod, drive side bed surface rises at the same time, to need Angle, loosen the control button to lock in the bed surface position, from the lateral surface finish position. Note: reverse use the same operation.

    2, use of solution and device: clockwise solution and crank, automatic open hole cover, at the same time implement along the lateral automatic carrier to patients with hip, patients can lower urine or cleaning, counterclockwise rotation solution will handle, the hole cover closed maintain flush with the bed surface, bedpan automatically sent to the operator at the same time, so that nursing staff take cleaning, cleaning the bedpan back into the pan carrier, arrange another time to use.

    3, The use of the nursing bed guardrail horizontal grip side fence top edge, about 20 mm vertical upward, downward turn 180 degrees, can put down the fence, after the patient to go to bed, after guardrail upward turn 180 degrees, vertical press can complete side railing rises. Note: the feet are used in the same way.

    4,The use of the life table: the opening of the plastic parts on the back of the life table to the upper side of the guardrail. One hand to hold the guardrail, the other hand to raise the life countertop, can take off.

    5, the use of the infusion hanger: regardless of the bed surface is in any state, all can use infusion frame, infusion frame, the first two sections iv stand, a root, a hook under the iv stand again, aim at above the horizontal pipe, at the same time, the above hook on the side of the fence round hole pressure tube above that can use, upward infusion hanger is removed.

    6,Brake use: to brake when pressing the brake with the foot or under the hand.

    7, seat belt use: when patients use the bed or need to change position, must fasten your seat belt, seat belt (the firmness of depending on the individual appropriate adjustment), to prevent danger.

    8,The operation of the foot washing machine: when the level of the feet, adjust the handle of the thigh and raise the thigh level to prevent the patient from slipping. Hold a control handle, put the foot bed surface on the appropriate location, under the double foot plate, shaking leg again a crank to keep foot board level, put water, wash feet. When the feet are washed, remove the water basin and place the feet in place. Close the handle with grip and lift up the bed surface to the horizontal position.

    FB-35 Flat bed with stainless steel bed head and strip type bed surfcae technical parameters: 

    Model FB-35
    Size 2030*900*500mm

    FB-35 Flat bed with stainless steel bed head and strip type bed surfcae advantage: 

    The end of the bed bed of ABS is easy to unload (with insurance pin)

    Aluminum alloy guardrail, can fold, use safer

    The control wheel is more stable

    Configure the Danish safety voltage motor (LINAK)

    All-directional adjustable hand controller

    FB-35 Flat bed with stainless steel bed head and strip type bed surfcae logistics: 


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