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FB-41 all stainless steel flat bed for children

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FB-41 all stainless steel flat bed for children instructions:

The main structure includes: the head of the bed, the bed, the legs of the bed, the part structure includes: the foot wheel, the screw, the fence, the table, the mattress, the infusion frame, etc.

The classification is simply divided into the following:

According to the material classification, it is divided into ABS medical bed, stainless steel medical bed, spray plastic medical bed, etc.

It is classified into a single swinging medical bed, a double swinging medical bed, three swinging medical beds, and a flat type medical bed.

According to whether or not mobile classifications are divided into wheeled medical beds and non-wheeled medical beds;

According to function grade classification, cent is common medical bed, multi-function medical bed.

FB-41 all stainless steel flat bed for children technical parameters:

Model FB-41
Size 1800*900*540mm

FB-41 all stainless steel flat bed for children Advantage:

The end of the bed bed of ABS is easy to unload (with insurance pin)

Aluminum alloy guardrail, can fold, use safer

The control wheel is more stable

Configure the Danish safety voltage motor (LINAK)

All-directional adjustable hand controller

FB-41 all stainless steel flat bed for children logistics:


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