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FC-6 stainless steel lifting stretcher trolley

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FC-6 stainless steel lifting stretcher trolley instructions:

Two set of wheels can be applied to different heights on the ambulance, the gas spring back Angle adjustment, the range of 0-65 °, reversible fence protecting patients in the process of transfer, folding leg mechanism controlled by the handle on both sides, stretcher is equipped with safety lock, the open when an ambulance, stand stretcher locked, only one person can be put into an ambulance stretcher, when on the ambulance stretcher, and can be locked by the fixed installation, this stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy materials, phi 125 mm wide rubber wheel and two belt brake, it is mainly used for ambulance, hospital, medical emergency center, accessories: seamless PVC waterproof mattress (5 cm thickness sponge), three belts, used in the chest, hip and knee fixtures L01

FC-6 stainless steel lifting stretcher trolley parameters:


FC-6 stainless steel lifting stretcher trolley advantage: 

This car adopts low frame structure, can move on the ground, can also make stretcher lift. The front and rear end of the frame are set up and double knots, so as to facilitate the landing of the vehicle. There is an active handle on both ends of the frame, which makes it easier to lift the car. (when lifting, pull out the handle.) The car is equipped with a fixed rod, which will be installed in the appropriate position of the ambulance side wall, which can be secured to the vehicle.

FC-6 stainless steel stretcher trolley with four small wheels logistics: 


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