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FC-7 Stainless steel sticking baby trolley

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FC-7 Stainless steel sticking baby trolley general situation:

FC-7 Medical Baby cart Equipped with monocoque body, the corners of anti-collision device greatly guarantee the safety and stability when turning, food-grade PP baby basin space is large, environmental non-toxic tasteless, the product is used Yu Aiying hospital, hospital of obstetrics and gynecology, confined center, family and other places.

FC-7 Stainless steel sticking baby trolley instructions:

Size: 750 * 455 * 950/1250mm

The unique design of A type A stable architecture, which emphasizes the importance of the baby basin to strengthen mother-to-child communication.

Choose the food grade translucent PP baby basin, the environment is not poisonous and tasteless, the toughness is good, the space is large.

The base of the baby’s pelvic floor is permeable and breathable.

Standard and high density sponge pads, comfortable cotton jackets, pink and warm color;

High quality stainless steel frame, with 304 wire wire, through five layers of polishing process.

The streamlined design of the car, the unique arc Angle of the car, which makes the whole vehicle architecture stable and beautiful.

You can put baby products on the bottom of the body.

Equipped with anti-winding, silent medical foot wheel, shao’s 50-degree high elastic TPR material tyre, no degumming, no stickiness. The PA6 material wheel is superior to ten times steel structure, no rust, no depaint. High precision deep groove bearing, turning light, turn to be accurate, make the nature quiet

The sound effect. The design of the double brake is more intimate.

9. The corners of anti-collision design, each above castor has anti-collision soft glue device, effectively protect the baby basin and to reduce the impact of the body, and keep the body mute state.

FC-7 Stainless steel sticking baby trolley logistics:


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