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PF-50-E Manual single-arm ceiling-mounted cranes pendant

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PF-50-E Manual single-arm ceiling-mounted cranes pendant instructions: 

1, for all operating rooms, materials are high strength 6063 aluminum alloy, surface anti-corrosion performance, easy cleaning, plastic powder high pressure electrostatic spraying treatment, mould production.

2, vertical type gas electric box, gas-electric height 800 mm, gas-electric box under the davit 0 ° to 340 ° rotation. High level of upgradability, can increase the number of pallets according to need, aluminum alloy damping drawer 1, with self-priming function.

3,The structure of the box is designed, and the equipment is closely combined with the box body to guarantee the bearing of the equipment.

4,The rotating radius of 800mm can cover the entire operation bed area.

5,The net load capacity is greater than 150 kg

6,Gas terminals meet German standards: all kinds of gas sockets are different colors and shapes, and have Standby (in situ) function. The imported outlet plug can be 7,guaranteed to be more than 20,000 times, which can be maintained with gas and low maintenance cost.

7,4 gas terminals: 2 oxygen, 1 negative pressure and 1 compressed air.

8, 8 10A universal power outlets, etc.

9, 1 RJ45 data interface;Tray 1, 

10, equipment can be moved up and down and 0 ° and 340 ° rotation, load capacity 50 kg or more layer board; With the equipment of the drawer tray 1, move up and down and 0 ° to 340 ° rotation, load capacity 50 kg or more layer board;

11, multi-functional infusion frame 1, stretch arm 1, can place infusion pump or micropump;,12

12,The installation of the flanks, the top and the cover plate each;,13,

13,Braking system: equipped and well equipped to keep the tower from drifting.

14, all crane tower carrying equipment power supply lines and air line and there is no relative movement between the tower body, all the power lines and air piping must be in

15,the tower body must not visible, ensure the cranes in the process of moving, not because of the change of position in line loss;Power supply: single phase 220V power supply, with dedicated power grounding, phase line, midline supply, power socket capacit

PF-50-E Manual single-arm ceiling-mounted pendant technique parameters:

Model PF-50-E
Mechanical brake  
Funcctional column(L=700mm)  
2#Tray(590*400mm) Customized  
stainless steel basket  
Gas outlet-German Standard Customized  
Narcotic AGSS outlet emission(jet/symphonic)  
Universal socket Customized  
Network communication interface socket RJ45  
Cas plug  
Apply to:Surgery,Anesthesia,Endoscopy  
Can be customized  

PF-50-E Manual single-arm ceiling-mounted cranes pendant the reliability and stability: 

From German classic design, high strength aluminum alloy, modular combination. Whole sealing, streamline, surface oxidation spray treatment, never rust

All air source terminals and tower hosts are both purveaux and German

The gas outlet can be used by German famous brand, MEDICOP, which is reliable for 10 years.

Electric socket can be used in France famous brand — -roger long, the quality is reliable, the assurance USES 10 years.

Each rotating joint of the tower device is equipped with double brake: mechanical brake + pneumatic brake device to ensure that the tower equipment is accurate and safe and reliable.

Each rotating joint is made of German famous brand, SKF, which is reliable for five years.

Electric elevating motor USES the German famous brand

Equipment pallet: high strength aluminum alloy whole drawing, with standard stainless steel rails

The tray is optional 450mmx400mmmx30mm. Adopt 10mm by 25mm international standard edge rail. The rounded corners are designed with a drawer and the tray can move up and down.

PF-50-E Manual single-arm ceiling-mounted cranes pendant logistics: 


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