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FG-9 stainless steel bed-stand

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    FG-9 stainless steel bed-stand Use:

    The sealing edge of the stainless steel bedside table is exquisite, smooth, the handle is good, the sealing line is smooth and smooth, the joint is fine. The specialized factory USES straight line sealing machine to complete the process once, the glue is uniform, the pressure is stable, the most accurate stainless steel dimension is guaranteed

    FG-9 stainless steel bed-stand instructions:

    Product specification: 470* 410 * 750

    External dimensions: 470cm (wide) * 410cm (long) * 750cm (high)

    Maximum load: 80kg

    Net weight: 25kg

    FG-9 stainless steel bed-stand logistics:


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