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FG-8 ABS beside locker with shoe rack With a shoe rack

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FG-8 ABS beside locker with shoe rack With a shoe rack Use:

High quality ABS engineering plastics injection molding after assembled, with high impact resistance, ageing resistance, toughness, beautiful, light and the advantages of firm structure, a variety of colors to choose from. It is widely used in the research units of large and medium-sized hospitals and intelligence agencies. The medical bedside table is designed and manufactured by the whole plastic structure, which is made up of top plate, plate, outer frame, towel rack, junk hook, drawer and box. Beautiful, light and structural.

FG-8 ABS beside locker with shoe rack instructions:

Product specification: 495 * 480 * 770

External dimensions: 495cm (wide) * 480cm (long) * 770cm (high)

Maximum load: 46kg

Net weight: 15kg

FG-8 ABS beside locker with shoe rack logistics:


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