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FG-50 shoe rack with stainless steel base steel

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    FG-50 shoe rack with stainless steel base steel Use:

    Moistureproof, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, bright color, not faded, never rust, long life and other characteristics, stainless steel shoe ark space dry and avoid light, damp environment is easy to make steel locker surface plastic powder fall off causing rust, plastic powder is sensitive to uv light, easy to fade affect beautiful. Clean with wet cloth, clean water with dry cloth, not easy to clean and clean with toothpaste first.

    FG-50 shoe rack with stainless steel base instructions:


    1,Material: the material that the material of general more wardrobe USES 0.6 ~ 08mm of high quality cold rolled steel plate;

    2, accessories: usually more wardrobe, plastic pick up or aluminum alloy, and door lock;

    3,Chest: the general cabinet is made of phosphatized and rustproof by electrostatic spraying equipment;

    4,Color: normal product color is white or gray, other colors can be ordered.

    5,Specifications: 1800/1850 * 900 * 420mm specifications

    FG-50 shoe rack with stainless steel base logistics:


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