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FG-43 stainless steel sterile cabinet

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FG-43 stainless steel sterile cabinet Use:

Adopt all-high quality 304 stainless steel;

The door can rotate 270 degrees to the side.

The wheel of the big wheel, the force of the push, and the smoothness;

The built-in shelf is highly adjustable and can be used for different sizes.

A closed down for sterile items can be used to prevent the contamination of the sterile items from the process.

FG-43 stainless steel sterile cabinet instructions:

Specification: 900*400*1750mm

Adopt quality stainless steel materials

Two universal directional inflatable wheels for durability. Two high strength wanxiang wheels. Push is easy.The car body can be divided into more than one space, also can open door to order in flank.

FG-43 stainless steel sterile cabinet logistics:


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