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Rescue or keep? The intern was fired after he saved the patient

When the emergency department seldom has leisure, the intern doctor longfei and beauty nurse wang xiaonan have a chat. Longfei, just 22 years old, is a tall, handsome man with a height of one metre and eighty. He was a young man, but he was a legend, and after two years as an undergraduate at the Beijing school of medicine, he took a break from school and went abroad for three years. Surprisingly, after three years, dragon fei came back to study for the school’s graduation examination, not only to graduate with skill, but also got a double degree certificate in Chinese and western medicine! After leaving school, longfei became an intern at longcheng hospital. Just when the dragonfly and xiao-nan wang talk about the heat, the emergency his office door was flung open, and a young man with red hair in half of the body, rapid said: “fast, there are emergency accident! Outside the car!” The dragon flew out of the room with a sudden leap and a few lunges shot out of the emergency room, while nurse wang xiaonan ran quickly to the director’s office. A red ferrari was parked outside the emergency room, and the front face was visibly deformed, apparently the accident car! Dragonfly didn’t time to consider the cause of the accident, after the open the door, and saw the back seat, lay a young girl, pale, coma, double lower limbs crus serious distortion, apparently little leg bone fracture already! But that’s not fatal! Fatal injury on the left wrist! The girl’s left wrist was slashed with a sharp tongue, the wrist was cut, the blood gurgled, the leather seats under the wrist had been dyed red. If not the close heart of the wrist has been set up a strip to effectively stop the bleeding, and send in time, I’m afraid this woman has already died! As long as the dragon flies to think, pick up the girl and run to the emergency room. “Dr. Long, I just went to the office of the director of duty, but Mr. Liao is not there. The anesthesiologist is not there, and they can’t make a phone call. What should I do?” Wang xiaonan, the nurse on duty, came up behind him, panting and talking, and opening the emergency room door for the dragon. “Don’t worry about them, just the two of us!” “Said the dragon. He knew Liao Guanghui director is not on duty, you when just to work soon, he saw travelling with center operating room of female anesthesiologist Liao Guanghui out, where maybe play car shock. “No! You’re just a doctor, no qualification on the operating table! Even if any errors during surgery, the duty officer Liao Guanghui knew, he also will be out of the hospital!” Wang xiaonan did not follow the flight of the dragon, but resolutely opposed the decision. Longfei knew very well that wang xiaonan’s words were not scaremongering. Since that came across Liao Guanghui and have better-looking anaesthetist “strenuous exercise you do in the office, after Liao Guanghui predisposed to yourself down, hate can’t immediately find a header will himself out of the hospital. If he violates the hospital regulation this time, alone the operating table, I am afraid that he is able to make the operation to be successful, liao brilliance also will use the play, will drive himself out of the hospital. But the dragon fly did not take this matter to heart at all, but some gruff to wang xiaonan said: “compared with a human life, an internship opportunity to calculate a ball!” “Fear that you will not only save her life, but will harm her! Don’t forget, you are a practicing doctor, and vascular suture is very technical.??????” Xiao-nan wang will continue to want to stop dragonfly, but see dragonfly has quick finished blood samples, and then handing her blood, said: “wang nurse, you don’t forget, on duty on duty and the center of the operating room, director of the anesthesiologist all out! If we will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the injured to the center of the operating room, until they were come in to do surgery, the injured will be dead! If you are willing to help me, to do immediately blood matching experiment, ready to blood transfusion, ready to surgery! If not willing to help me, I can help myself. I have confidence in myself!” Wang xiaonan is still not optimistic about the dragon fly. After all, he was only a trainee doctor who came to the emergency department for four or five days. Where can the medical skill go? But she saw her calm face, her confident eyes, and she ran away with her blood. A few minutes later, when the blood bag and the infusion bottle were hung, wang xiaonan immediately refreshed her knowledge of the dragon fly after the operation began. Longfei long and slender hands dexterous as if they dance on the keys of the spirit, and the dragon fly is like transformation into a precision programming machine! The broken arteries of the arteries, which are fast and steady at the hands of the dragon, are quickly connected and smooth and smooth. More shock xiao-nan wang, tappi handle after the injured wrist, do not to push the injured leg CT, but directly to the sterile gloves it off, then used scissors to cut open the injured leg, exposing patients with fracture of a pair of legs in the air. Then the long, long flying hands were placed in the broken bones of the injured man, carefully and gently touching, a little bit of the broken bones under the skin. Wang xiaonan still felt that dragon fei’s behavior was a little inappropriate, but at this time, she had already been taken by the dragon to reveal the first hand of the blood vessel seaming technology, so she did not open the mouth to stop the dragon fly. When the dragon flew on deck and bandages to fix the injured’s left calf and began to process the injured right calf, the door of the operating room was suddenly pushed open. The dragon flew up and looked up, only to see from the outside into the seven or eight people! The dean and two vice-presidents, as well as the director of the department of injuries, and the director of the emergency department of the emergency department, who went out with the lovers to do “strenuous exercise”, came all the way! In addition to a few heads of court, there was a man in his fifties, a burly, dignified, middle-aged man. These people walk into the operating room, see the action of dragon fly, all is a leng, see dragon fly is holding the injured right crus of the injured in the opposite direction reverse direction, as if want to twist the injured calf to be a leper! “Dragon fly, you bastard! What are you doing? You are not happy stop! You this is a crime!” The head of the emergency department, liao guanghui, first reflected, immediately rushed to the dragon and shouted. Several other hospital leaders also looked at longfei with a look of iron, so that they could eat the dragon fly. They had never seen anyone else so bone-headed, they thought that they were doing experiments with the injured. Dragonfly just trying to explain a few words, but see Liao Guanghui has turned to the hospital leaders bow around said: “the leaders, dragonfly in did not inform my situation, do STH without authorization on the operating table, causing significant damage to the patient, I immediately end the dragonfly internship career, let him leave the hospital!” Liao Guanghui say justice Lin however, in the heart, some satisfied: “dog day dragonfly, since the good you stave in Lao zi, Lao tze want to kick you out of the hospital. The chance came at last time, what will you say to me.” After listening to liao’s words, several other hospital leaders immediately rushed to the dragon. “That’s too bad. A little intern, who gave him the right to theoperating table!” “He still has no organization discipline! Why not follow the hospital procedure?” “There is no doctor, a hasty doctor, we must kick him out of our team! And hold him accountable!” “The leaders said, as they repeatedly apologized to the middle-aged man for nodding his head. Only the old master watched the dragon fly with a sigh. Xiao-nan wang for the dragonfly was rough and stare Liao Guanghui said: “you this is too arbitrary, director of the manifold? How do you know dragon caused a great damage to the injured doctor? If no dragon doctors, the wounded had been killed! The wounded man had just been to the hospital, I’ll go looking for you, because had not found you, dragon doctors are forced on the operating table??????” “You give me to shut up! I have been in the lounge, the anesthesiologist wang can is my witness! You didn’t notice me!!!!!!! A little nurse, you know? There are school leadership, where have you talk to another? Immediately roll for me!” Liao was afraid that the leaders believed wang xiaonan’s words, immediately strong “deprive” wang xiaonan’s right to speak. Longfei thought that liao would find him in trouble, but he didn’t expect that the leaders of these colleges could easily believe liao’s brilliance! Not even a chance to defend himself! Oneself take risk to save a person, unexpectedly try not to please! Dragonfly think impassability why these school leadership is that the performance, also too lazy to think, he was a heavy, stretched out his hand to white coat stripped, pa fell on the ground, with a cold voice said: “don’t you drive, I quit!” Xiao-nan wang is being Liao Guanghui qi qiao face red, whole body trembling, heard the dragonfly to resign, unexpectedly also three throw two will nurse pull down on the ground, drink a way: “I also quit! Bah! What hospital, rather than suffer indignities, here it is better to quit!” With that, wang xiaonan walked to the door behind her. Longfei just walked to the door of the operating room, and the voice of the old dean came from behind. “it’s not clear that things are going on, you don’t have to go away.” Dragonfly suddenly look back, looked at a face of serious, some gray hair old dean, wry smile said: “President, I have decided to resign, the hospital did not give me a way, I’m not going to come back again, goodbye!” He never turned back and left the operating room. ‘you’ll be sorry! Wang xiaonan left the hard words and left

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Post time: Jul-07-2017