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Mobile Led Operating Lamp Manufactor In China

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  • Comany: Shanghai Flower Medical Equipment
  • Tel: 86-021-50327895
  • Address:: No.235, Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
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    Mobile Led Operating Lamp Manufactor In China:

    Shadowless lamp comprises a lamp holder, lamp bracket, power supply system; by halogen lamp, curved reflector cover, filter, shade and sterile handle. The scope of the clumsy product is the vertical installation of the operating lamp for medical units to use for medical lighting.


    mobile led operating lamp series


    Mobile Operating Lamp Manufactor In ChinaMobile Led Operating Lamp Manufactor In China   FL500D.jpgMobile Operating Lamp Manufacturers in China


    The characteristics of Mobile Led Operating Lamp Manufactor In China


    1, ABS high-strength material of ultra-thin lamp, the integration of four groups around the handle design, more in line with the requirements of laminar flow, more convenient operation,

     2 intelligent control technology: spot spot size change and light intensity invariant 

    3, intelligent control technology: shadow when the operation lamp was the head physician of occlusion, the associated LED will automatically become dark, no other The blocked LED improve the brightness and illuminance compensation operation field, provide better lighting operation shadowless rate, bring the perfect (optional) 

    4, various operation environment lighting modes: LED lamp with bright, ordinary and endoscope lighting mode; the base axis has a ring The ambient light illumination mode (optional)

     5, Satlite oval pipe crane horizontal arm, more in line with the requirements of

     6, laminar double switch control system (optional), emergency power supply system of lithium battery (optional), electric focusing system (optional), RGBW Color adjustment system (optional), independent of R9 function (optional), manual focusing system (standard), 

    7 basic configuration: the appearance of German import balance arm system, the lamp holder body design (Germany, the United States Patent Mingtai) imported LED lamp Core and Taiwan brand power system


    Welcome to buy the best quality mobile operating lamp manufactor in china for sale from us. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various medical equipment, we have cooperated with many companies and owned good reputation. Come and enjoy our unmatched prices and services.

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