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“The most beautiful guardian of health” is a doctor’s glory

Every one of the doctors and nurses from that day wearing white coats, doomed their extraordinary life, they may be in my heart silently made a vow, the Department of health, life entrusted. On the night of each operating lamp, on the way to save the patient every time…… They bear the weight of life, they are the guardian of the public health, but also the most beautiful health guardian of citizens.
In 2015, jointly organized by the Ji’nan daily newspaper group and the Ji’nan Municipal Planning Commission of the first “best health Guardian” appears in the public view, after the organization recommended, public voting, expert assessment and other aspects, the 20 best doctors, and ultimately selected the 20 most beautiful nurses and 10 rural doctors collective appearance, they the representative is not only individuals, but the whole medical sector. Since then, this has become a routine, in the late summer and early autumn, preparations for the election will be quietly opened, until the end of the year by the end of the ceremony ceremony. Inherited the two wonderful, the third most beautiful health Guardian selection activities once again opened the curtain.
The doctor-patient relationship conflicts because of the lack of understanding and trust, for the doctor who as a doctor, they want heart through their own medical knowledge to allow patients to “revive”, even if it is for patients to reduce the pain of the disease, will be full of gratitude. The media is the link established between the hospital and the patient, as the mainstream media, Ji’nan daily newspaper group has been the heart of people’s health as their responsibility, but there is a responsibility and obligation to take the role of communicators, and promote healthy, positive energy transfer community, let more people understand that doctors and nurses work in the side true.
“The most beautiful guardian of health” selection activities, selected a batch of doctors, nurses representatives gradually known by the public. “The most beautiful guardian of health” is regarded as the highest honor in the circle of medical circles, and the winner will be “King”". What is the most beautiful? Not only good looking skins, but more importantly, should have professional beliefs, professional ideals, professional ethics, professional ethics, professionalism, professional norms and selfless dedication, and to be loved by the masses.
At present, the third most beautiful health Guardian list has been published, it is through the authority approved list, is a full of public opinion respondents believe that these 20 doctors, 20 nurses and 4 medical team will not forget the early heart, deliver the goods, move on!

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Post time: Nov-10-2017