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History and application of operating lamp

operating lamp are special lights The invention and application of light will start in 1809, the British chemist David invented the electric lamp, the human race has entered the era of the use of electric lighting. In 1879, the United States of California theatre, electric arc light (electric arc light). In 1906, Edison invented the tungsten filament electric light bulbs. After that, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, neon lights, and high-tech lights invented by modern high-tech have sprung up on the stage of lighting, which greatly facilitates people’s production and life. Edison’s greatest contribution to the electric light The design of the filament. He tried more than 6000 kinds of filament replacement within two years, were up to 1200 times the experiment. After all the test materials around the world, Edison found the most effective platinum. However, this material is very expensive and as a kind of practical filament, its efficiency is limited. Finally, Edison tried a carbonized cotton thread filament. On Sunday evening in October 19, 1879, Edison and his assistant electrified the filament of the cotton thread and took turns around the clock. More than 40 hours later, still in the cotton filament light, Edison knew that he solved the problem. 1880 began lighting sales, while in London the first comprehensive introduction of Edison lighting system as early as in 1882 Holburn Viaduct, by focusing on the city power supply to General Electric lighting era began in September 4, 1882, New York’s Pierre Street Station location. In the face of questions from reporters, Edison, “I have finished my promise”. This is after the operation for lighting foundation.

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Post time: Nov-02-2017