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Doctors in the typhoon surgery suddenly cut off electricity, homemade “mobile phone shadowless lamp” rescue

Doctors in the typhoon surgery suddenly cut off electricity, homemade “mobile shadowless lamp” rescue,The Doumen Town Central Health Center was not spared from a long-term blackout in Zhuhai caused by the “Tianpigeon” on the 23rd. But they received 30-40 trauma patients that day. Most of them were cut or bruised by sharp objects such as glass blown down by typhoon. Cleaning and suturing wounds need to be done in a bright environment. What can we do without electricity? So doctors use their phones and flashlights as surgical lights.
In a hurry at Doumen Town Central Health Center, an old man was sent with his hands bleeding. After a doctor’s examination, he was found to have broken some muscles and blood vessels in his arm. The injury was very serious. It turned out that the old man was sheltering from the typhoon at home, cut his hands by falling glass, a lot of bleeding can not stop the old man’s blood pressure is very low, and the patient is 74 years old, if not immediately operated on, it is bound to endanger life. Although the hospital was out of power, doctors did not hesitate to operate on the elderly immediately, relying on tiny light sources of cell phones and flashlights to race against death. After more than an hour of hard surgery, the old man’s injury finally stabilized, out of danger of life.

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Post time: Oct-18-2018