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American fast food workers join their customers to pray for surgical colleagues.

On September 5, the manager of a chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants in the United States called on colleagues and customers to pray for a colleague who had breast cancer and was undergoing surgery. Video footage shows employees and customers pausing and silently praying for cancer victims. A patron recorded the prayers at the Chik-fil-A store in Belmont, North Carolina, on August 31. In the video, the manager asks the owner of the restaurant and the back kitchen and invites anyone willing to pray for Patricia Waters Russell. “A member of our team is undergoing breast cancer surgery, and we want to make a short prayer for her. If you like, you can join us.”
The video was then uploaded to Facebook by restaurant employee Susan Lackey Norris, who had received 3,000 interactive messages by the morning of September 5, forwarding them 1,300 times. In the video, employees and customers pray together for Patricia, and the scene is very warm. “Lord, please protect Patricia from today’s operation. Please keep the doctor from hurrying and make sure everything goes well. Please keep all the people in the operation room at their best, quick thinking and clear thinking. We need her. She is our light and the pillar of our community. Everyone loves her very much. I beg you, please bless her and let her recover soon.

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Post time: Sep-07-2018