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The execution is sent to the bed

Wu, who was admitted to the hospital for fracture, received the executive money sent by the executive judge of the Luoyang western industrial district court.

On the evening of the day, Wu received a call from Liu Lei, the judge of the West Industrial District Court, to tell her that she did not rest on the second day (Saturday) and could go to the executive board to get the execution procedure. But when she was ill at ease in the hospital, she told Liu Lei about the situation and said she would go to court later.

Wu is an applicant for divorce cases involving property disputes. In 2012, Wu filed a divorce lawsuit with her husband, Li Mou. The court ruled that Wu was married and had children who lived with him. Li Mou paid a monthly maintenance fee of 400 yuan until the child reached the age of 18. After the judgment came into effect, Li has not fulfilled his obligation to pay maintenance fees. Wu applied to the court for compulsory enforcement of the maintenance fees paid by Li totaled 7200 yuan.

In July 18th, the executive board investigation team inquired that Lee had a deposit in a bank in Luolong district. Zhao Liang immediately rushed to the bank and successfully executed the execution of 7200 yuan.

After Wu divorced, there was no source of life, life was difficult, and money was badly needed. Knowing that Wu could not get the execution payment from the court because of fracture, Liu Lei decided to send the execution payment to her together with his colleagues. Later, Liu Lei couldn’t go home for dinner, so he rushed to the hospital with Duan Zhaoliang and went through the formalities of collecting payment for Wu’s bed.

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Post time: Aug-02-2018