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Surgical correction of O type leg to the court claims 60 thousand yuan

Mr. Liu went to a hospital to correct his O leg. But after half a month’s operation, Mr. Lin found that the fibula of his left foot was very high. Three months later, when Mr. Liu walked, he found that his left foot could not be lifted to the normal walking position and was a little limp. Because he thought a serious mistake in the operation of a hospital resulted in serious damage to his health, Mr. Liu sued the hospital to the court and claimed more than 6 yuan. Yesterday, the case was in court in the Shijingshan court.

Mr. Liu claimed that in October 2017, he went to a hospital for correction of O leg. The hospital carried out bilateral tibia fibula osteotomy and external fixation. After half a month’s operation, he found that the fibula of his left foot was very high. The hospital forced his left foot to the right without his consent. Three months later, when he walked, he found that his left foot could not be carried to his normal position, inclined to the right, felt a stiff footstep muscle, and a little lame, and the center of gravity was unstable, which seriously affected his health and image.

Liu said that the hospital in the process of diagnosis and treatment, the surgical evaluation of the treatment scheme is not perfect, the operation process is serious error, causing serious damage to his health, so the hospital is prosecuted to the court, claim more than 6 million yuan.

For Mr. Liu’s prosecution, the hospital said in the court that the patient had a deformity before the operation and had achieved the purpose of diagnosis and treatment after the operation, so he did not agree with Mr. Liu’s claim.

In the court, Mr. Liu applied for an appraisal of the fault of the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment, and hoped to confirm whether there was a causal relationship between the diagnosis and treatment of the hospital with the consequences of his damage and the degree of fault participation, and to identify the status of his disability. After confirmation by the court, the two sides chose a Forensic Institute for identification. The case has not been declared in court

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Post time: Jul-25-2018