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When eating, running playfully, a peanut into a 1 – year – old child gas tube choking

On June 28, jining first people’s hospital staged a dramatic rescue. A 1 year old children eat peanuts when he choke into the trachea, hospital surgery on airway foreign bodies open a green channel for the first time, from diagnosis to enter operating room, the whole process took less than 15 minutes, finally completely out of danger, children to recover.
Run and play while eating
The peanuts choked the boy’s windpipe
On the afternoon of March 28, little Yang, a 1-year-old child in jiaxiang, accidentally put a peanut into his mouth because of running and playing while eating. Parents found the abnormality after dialing 120, sent to jining first people’s hospital treatment.
“The baby was sent in by grandma and grandpa, who had intermittent breathing difficulties and kept crying.” Jining city first people’s hospital otolaryngology doctor DiGuoHua after inspection, found that small Yang on the left side of the trachea of openings are almost completely blocked, there have been significant difficulty breathing, blood oxygen saturation is less than 90% (normal is more than 95%), on the right side of breath sounds also can not hear you clearly, suspected to be the main airway foreign bodies caused by invasion of breathing difficulties, still need to CT diagnosis.
“Normal CT from the computer print out at least half an hour, but then because children emotionally unstable, airway foreign bodies in the position will change at any time, if completely blocked airway will lead to child suffocation death.” Time is life. “Before we had time to wait for a CT scan, a group of us gathered directly in front of the computer and confirmed by the image that it was a major airway foreign body invasion. According to the judgment of professional knowledge, the most effective way is to operate immediately to remove the foreign body.
Will be attending doctors to discuss the surgery way, two or three minutes short, small Yang illness sharp changes: blood saturation has fallen sharply from 90% to 70%, the choking symptoms, and companion with limbs collapse, purple purple lips.
“Open the green channel immediately for surgery! Zhang yuanyuan, deputy director of otolaryngology, made the decision immediately. At 1550 hours, xiao Yang was wheeled into the operating room. Or endanger children’s lives
“Yes, yes In the operating room, zhang yuanyuan simply knelt down to perform the operation because she couldn’t adjust the height of the operating bed. Insert tracheal lens, look for foreign body, take out foreign body, remove lens… The baby’s loud cry filled the emergency room in an instant as the anesthesiologist sucked in sputum and oxygen.

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Post time: Jul-02-2018