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To make a 92 year old fracture patient free from pain, Yangzhou’s good doctor kneels for seven or eight minutes.

Recently, several doctors from different angles kneeling down to a patient to anaesthetized pictures, in Yangzhou circle of friends. The background of the picture is in the operation room, with the help of a colleague, a doctor in an operating suit and a doctor with a mask, kneeling on his knees, and being anaesthetized by a patient who is lying on the side of the operating bed. In the afternoon, the reporter found the “kneeling doctor” in the picture – Mao Zheng Xin, director of the anesthesiology department of the General Hospital of Shaobo oil field, City friendly hospital, and the photographers of the pictures – the surgeon of the day and Ji Baobing, the deputy director of the Department of orthopedics, the Department of orthopedics.
For his own “kneeling ground anaesthesia” on the Internet, Mao Zheng is surprised. He said the operation was more than 8 this morning, and the patient was a 92 year old Jiangdu old lady. 3 days ago, the old lady accidentally fell home and fractured her left thigh. For a few days, the old man was in pain. After sending the family to the hospital, the family decided to undergo surgery today.
Mao Zheng new said, fracture itself is not complex, the key is that the patient is older, heart, brain and lung function is poor, play anaesthesia must be careful, must reduce the pain of the patient. “In the process, if the heart burden is aggravated by pain, it will bring greater risk.”
Generally speaking, when anesthetized anesthetized, most patients are required to adjust their posture according to the doctor’s request. But for a 92 year old, pain – tolerant old man, Mao Zheng Xin could not bear to ask such a request to let her adjust her posture back and forth. So he prepared the needle, lowered his body, and lowered it. Later, he knelt on the ground, found the most stable, most accurate position, and started anaesthesia for the elderly.
Ji Baobing is an old surgeon. “When a patient is anesthetized, the surgeon must be present. While waiting for the success of anesthesia, I took out my cell phone. Ji Baobing said.
Mao Zhengxin’s anaesthesia began. When Ji Bao soldier looked up, he happened to see him bending slowly and kneeling down on the ground. “He knelt down to anaesthetized the patient for about seven or eight minutes. The pictures were sent to our colleagues. ” Ji Baobing said. Then, Ji Baobing performed minimally invasive surgery for the elderly. “The patient is a comminuted fracture of the hip and has undergone an internal fixation. The whole process is quite smooth.” What Ji Bao didn’t expect was that a picture of him before the operation was sent to his friends circle by his colleagues.

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Post time: Apr-23-2018