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The famous Japanese Cat Island will sterilize all cats

Tokyo 26 February, according to Japan’s “Ehime news” reported that Japan Ehime Prefecture of Qingdao city because of the island continent lived many famous cat, also known as the “Cat Island”. On the 20 day, the local residents decided to accept the assistance of the “animal fund” and the municipal government of the public welfare consortium to sterilize all the stray cats on the island.

At present, there are about 130 cats living in Qingdao. If we can successfully sterilize all cats and no new cats are brought to Qingdao from other places, the number of cats in the future will gradually decrease. The stray cats on the island are taken care of by the island’s spontaneous “Qingdao cat Guardian”. However, as of the end of January, Qingdao residents only 13 people, with an average age over 75 years old. Therefore, the association said in July last year that it would be difficult to continue to take care of cat work in the future, and put forward a request to the municipal government to sterilize all cats.

According to the association and the municipal government, the “animal fund” contact veterinarian will come to Qingdao for the sterilization of cats, and the time has not been determined. The municipal government will take about 400 thousand yen (23685 yuan) for veterinary traffic and accommodation costs, which has been added to the 2018 annual budget.

In 2013, because of the television and network reports, Qingdao’s cat has increased its popularity, and there are still people from all over the world to visit this “Cat Island”.

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Post time: Feb-26-2018