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Shaanxi, a 1 year old girl bamboo bar 20 minutes of orbital surgery to remove the doctor to keep the eyes

On the night of 10, Dr. Du Zhaojiang, director of the eye department of Xi’an City Center Hospital, received a call for help from a 1 year old girl of 1 years and 3 months from Zhashui county. Then the director Du saw a mother holding a child, the child’s face with a bamboo stick from the nose into the left eye bottom. Dean Du then consult with Department of ENT, pediatrics and anesthesiology department. If intubation, may accidentally touch bamboo caused two injuries.
Mr. Du finally decided by anesthetist intravenous anesthesia, and the mask can’t touch the bamboo, which means that the anesthetic will distributed to the entire operation room, all health care workers have inhaled drugs, so the operation process must be fast and accurate and smooth. Du led 6 doctors and nurses, who had successfully completed the operation after 20 minutes of stress, and did not cause two injuries. After careful examination, it confirmed that the eyeball wall was intact, the retina had no obvious damage, and the child’s eyes were kept. At present, the child is in a stable condition and needs strict control of postoperative intraorbital infection.
It is understood that the children love to eat sausage, barbecue stalls in the evening after eating sausage with bamboo playing accidentally fell, bamboo obliquely piercing face direct orbital. Zhashui County local hospital can not be handled, ambulances rushed to Xi’an for treatment.
Du reminded parents that every Spring Festival during the hospital emergency will receive the children who were firecrackers, injured and swallowed by foreign bodies, especially remind parents to take care of children during Spring Festival parties, especially to prevent children from accidental injury.
Original title: 1 year old bamboo bar 20 minutes of orbital surgery to remove the doctor to keep the eyes

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Post time: Feb-12-2018