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The first Haining Tibet doctors clinic by inhaling oxygen flash surgery

Most people have seen the pure blue sky where the magnificent Potala Palace, took over the butter tea, gnawed Roasted Whole Lamb, with ten and a half months in his life’s journey and wrote: Tibet tour.
And “Tibet” two words, for the Haining Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (City Cancer Hospital) cancer surgeon Li Huafeng, is the brand of his life.
Tibet in December 6th for a year and a half, Li Huafeng came back, with people Nagqu Nagqu County of Tibet autonomous region as a whole set of clothes and deep love, returned to Haining. In recent years, Li Huafeng’s number of votes in the most beautiful Zhejiang people — 2017 youth leader selection activities has reached 62121 votes, ranking fifth among all candidates. One and a half years in Tibet, he recognized the world’s highest administrative regions, Nagqu County, where he set the awareness of Tibet.
In July 18, 2016 – December 6, 2017, he accepted the plateau and the plateau accepted him.
More than half of the days are sleeping by sleeping pills and sucking oxygen to the Tibetans
In July 18, 2016, Li Huafeng departed to Nagqu, he is a doctor in Haining first aid. Before, he had never been to Tibet at the age of 34. For the plateau, he stayed in the cognitive level of “blue sky, clear river water”.
The average altitude of Naqu County is 4500 meters, and the annual average temperature is around 1 degrees. When it gets there, nine of ten people will have chest reaction, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, headache and so on. Thin oxygen and low temperature are the main reasons for the sparsely populated Nagqu.
Are you curious about Li Huafeng’s daily life in Nagqu?
Wear: the cold, Nagqu County temperature can be reduced to -30 degrees Celsius, Li Huafeng said, he even to himself on the three with Velvet Pants, wearing two black turtleneck sweater, a thick jacket, go out, still feel unable to breathe normally, cold and thin air forced back to the room.
Eat: the higher the altitude is, the lower the boiling point is. When boiling water is boiling at 76 degrees, it will arrive at boiling point. Most of the food is not cooked, and the dishes cooked by Sichuan cuisine are spicy and spicy. Li Huafeng is not able to adapt himself to it.
Living: because of the thin air, Li Huafeng can hardly sleep in Nagqu. He eats a sleeping pill in more than half of the day, then he can sleep with oxygen. Even though, he will wake up once every 2 hours, because the oxygen is too thin.
B: in Nagqu, driving is also time consuming, even if the distance is not far away. Because the rolling mountain, complex terrain, the car on the road speed of 30 yards, so every time to the clinic, to spend a long time on the journey.
Because of the thin oxygen, when Li Huafeng looked at the doctor, he had to breathe in oxygen tube from time to time. Also, where the network speed is very slow, after work, Li Huafeng is going to home video Caton serious always.
When to go to Tibet clearly didn’t want to think clearly I will decide to go
It was decided to go to Tibet, Li Huafeng is almost a second decision. At that time, he trained in Hangzhou to study in the bus, received a call from the hospital, “noisy on the bus, I even Tibet Yuanjiang still did not hear clearly.” Li Huafeng said, not to discuss the home, he was on the phone to go to tibet.
Li Huafeng said: “when men have family feelings, the motherland and the people need you, it is time to come forward.” Do not meet the qualifications, Tibet Yuanjiang, Li Huafeng envisaged the problem, he heard such a word in his teacher: there is the future of the western provinces of China. He thought Tibet was no better than Haining, but it was no big deal. “I want to be a bridge between Han and Tibet, so that two nations can enhance their feelings.” Li Huafeng said.

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Post time: Jan-15-2018