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Mccarthy had a successful operation and will be in a long recovery period

According to mirror reported, Everton midfielder Mccarthy successfully underwent surgery. Mccarthy had suffered serious fractures in tibia and fibula due to serious injuries during the confrontation. In the pre match between Everton and Sibrand, when Mccarthy blocked the striker’s long shot, he had kicked all the strength on Mccarthy’s calf, resulting in fracture of tibia and fibula of Mccarthy. Everton manager Allardyce has also confirmed that Mccarthy will be absent from the rest of the season and most of the Games in the next season.

Today, Mccarthy performed a related operation to treat his two fractured parts. Fortunately, the operation was very successful and Mccarthy was going to get into the recovery stage. For the 27 year old Mccarthy, a long recovery period after surgery, and to overcome the psychological fear of Pinqiang stadium will be his next challenge.

In his instagram, Mccarthy wrote: “I have so quickly issued a message, just want to tell you my surgery was very successful, thanks to all the staff, at the same time to my family, to my friend and his wife to say a big thank you, thank you for your encouragement, I am very grateful.” The officer pushed the warm heart of the West Brom also responded: “good news!

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Post time: Jan-25-2018