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“Shadow pharmacist” flood regulation to build shadowless lamp

The drug store does not understand the medicine and the certificate is not in the post – the drugstore rents a licensed pharmacist certificate instead of the pharmacist to guide the patient, and is called “hang the certificate”. According to “hang card” phenomenon, the food and drug regulatory authorities of the state to adopt a series of measures for 65 days before the “shadow pharmacist” should be exposed. Xinhua News Agency reporter survey found that under the special rectification, “hanging card” phenomenon is still difficult to disappear in some places, causing a hidden danger to the patient’s medication safety, and also disrupting the order of drug circulation industry.

As reported in the report, the pharmacist’s license to practice the licensed pharmacist’s license is open and the pharmacist “hangs the certificate” is not in the post. It is the “open secret” in the industry. This means that people who sell drugs to us may not know drugs, they are purely shopping guides or salesmen, and drugs are closely related to our health. What a terrible thing to think about.

People who hold licensed pharmacist certificates do not need to go to the drugstore to work. By hanging certificates, they can easily earn a lot of money, while pharmacies get operational qualification, and the cost of “hanging certificates” is much lower than that of licensed pharmacists. The two in the “win-win”, while the patient is very thorough, it is likely that the drug can not understand the drug and make the patient suffer unforeseen damage.

“Hang card” of the birth of “shadow pharmacist” is widespread, and repeated, there are two main reasons: one is the pharmaceutical retail industry rapid development, shortage of licensed pharmacists; two is a crackdown on “shadow pharmacist” is not strong enough or not accurate, resulting in some pharmacies and the holder is still its own way.

The dark area formed by objects covering the propagation of light is the shadow we often say. In the same way, the “shadow pharmacist” is born in the area where the light of supervision can not be illuminated. In order to make the “shadow pharmacist” nowhere to hide, regulators need to through the full range of supervision, set up a shadowless lamp, in order to completely eliminate the illegal chaos.

In the aspect of supervision, but also to do snookering. On the one hand, increase the supply of licensed pharmacists. Colleges and universities should strengthen the training of licensed pharmacists, and the functional departments or industry associations such as food and drug can also strengthen guidance and training, so that practitioners with medication experience can get licensed pharmacist certificates through regular channels. On the other hand, we should increase the strength of the fight against the two sides. Not only should pharmacists have to write off their qualifications, but they have to be exposed to them like the State Administration of food and drug administration. For enterprises or drugstores that rent certificates, they should not only punish severely, but also cancel their qualification to engage in drug sales and marketing in a certain period, and establish a blacklist system to achieve national information network sharing.

To monitor and identify problems, to encourage people to report, with some incentive measures, compared with the regulatory “marking” tactics, but also obviously multiplier; by means of technology, such as remote clock, ensure that the certified pharmacist, and through the query whether there is separation of the witness phenomenon of social insurance.

“Shadow pharmacist” looking forward to the relevant functional departments as soon as possible disaster caused by flooding water, set up supervision of the shadowless lamp, build a safe environment for the public administration.

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Post time: Dec-29-2017