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china Street: set up the supervision and discipline of “shadowless lamp”

In order to further implement the responsibility of supervision and discipline supervision and discipline, in-depth practice of “four form”, since this year, xiashesi Street discipline work to strengthen work methods, perform their duties of loyalty, set up supervision and discipline “shadowless lamp”.

One is to take the responsibility of the Qing Dynasty. Combined with the reality of streets, the compilation of the street system of the Department of the lower reaches of the lower reaches of the Communist Party of China has been worked out to further clarify responsibilities and investigate the system so as to ensure that there are doubts and supervision.

The two is to show the problem. Must be strict discipline, discipline must be checked. Set up a special inspection team, since this year, the key areas of important personnel to carry out the inspection, found that more than 30 times, issue 14, to carry out the conversation to remind the 23 passengers, investigating 3 cases of discipline, which relates to the field of livelihood funds more standardized procedures, a significant effect.

Three is to illuminate itself. To build a fair, honest and incorruptible discipline inspection team as a prerequisite for good work, through the supervision and reporting work box, evaluation and other ways, the initiative to accept supervision by the masses of cadres, cadres and the masses in the mind to enhance the recognition and credibility

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Post time: Dec-29-2017