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operating lamp series

operating lamp series The overall reflection operating lamp is widely used in various occasions operation lighting needs, is the ideal lighting equipment of modern operation room. Totally enclosed linear lamp body design can fully meet the requirements of disinfection and high standard laminar flow in operation room. Integral reflection optics created by CAD/CAM Technology All levels of system, lighting depth of 600mm; the use of color temperature compensation technology to improve color recovery situation, more suitable for Department of cerebral surgery, Department of thoracic surgery and other large complex surgery lighting. The water ripple light panel can make the light softer and the security better. [1] Microcomputer digital control It has eight segment brightness selection, and has illumination memory function and wide voltage working characteristic, and works stably within the range of AC180V~250V, and has strong anti-interference ability. With backup light automatic switching function, when the main lights burned, auxiliary lights automatically lit in 1/2 seconds. There are main and auxiliary lights failure on the handle panel, which reminds the timely replacement after operation. Set up soft start device, effectively prolong the service life of the bulb, use long life halogen tungsten bulb, bulb life Life is more than 1000 hours. The focusing system has compact structure, convenient replacement of bulb, porcelain base; the detachable handle jacket, can be used for high temperature sterilization (less than 140 DEG C). Equipped with lightweight balance arm suspension system, the six groups of universal joint linkage, mobile lightweight, positioning stability. Omni directional design of 360 degree. It can meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation. The top (bottom) power supply system eliminates the installation trouble of the hanging wall type control box. The key components are famous brand products, stable and reliable operation, flame retardant material temperature resistance safety, comply with the IEC standard.

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Post time: Nov-02-2017