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Maintenance operating shadowless lamp case interpretation

Surgery is used for operating shadowless lamp lighting equipment indispensable surgical site. It can clearly observe the low contrast object in the incision and the body cavity of different depth, and it is an important medical instrument, which will affect the accuracy of the operating. However, in the process of use due to improper installation or use of a variety of problems to increase the time will come, light arm loose, while the lamp body sag, by analyzing the case of daily maintenance operating shadowless lamp, how to guide the operating shadowless lamp for routine maintenance and maintenance, and to avoid such accidents. The following is to maintain the three lamps operating shadowless lamp lamp case interpretation.

The lamp body case operating shadowless lamp hanging arm and the cantilever disengaged, causing the lamp body down.

Solution: This is an important problem related to the safe use of the shadowless lamp, experience is also the author’s personal experience, this analysis lamp body falls to improve safety awareness using shadowless lamp, the main features of falling body and the lamp is part of the cantilever under 1. light body hanging arm and the cantilever is fixed position by crescent shrapnel, shrapnel in the lamp body arm in the annular groove, so that the lamp body can rotate the arm. There is a protection ring sleeve on the cantilever, it is the role of the crescent shaped shrapnel can rotate in cantilever and out, which is to prevent a crescent of shrapnel ejection, screw holes in the protection ring, by

It protects the ring on the cantilever. When I found the lamp body off, the scene protection ring on the cantilever has shifted to the spring above the notch on the cantilever shrapnel still crescent, still in the screw hole of the cantilever screw. It is analyzed that the protection ring is not fixed screw, which is the cause of the accident.

The lamp body case second operating shadowless lamp cannot locate, swing instability.

Solution: this problem by adjusting the screw tightness to solve, with the screw at the cantilever and fixed cylinder, clockwise adjustment is the screwing combiners, each adjustment does not require a great degree, so that after the adjustment, the lamp will not be around the swing phenomenon. At the same time, this kind of
In the new situation in general use near the operating shadowless lamp is common.

Case three shadowless lamp lamp body with drooping to cannot be located.

Solution: in a vertical cylindrical surface is connected with the shadowless lamp of the arm, there is a crescent shaped plate, fixed by two screws, remove the cover can be seen inside the cylinder of a plate spring moving up and down, slowly moving down to a cantilever, met with bolt holes on the cylinder, about 5m thick, with the use of steel bar embedded screw is good, the left cylinder is adjustable, tightened, the spring is compressed in a certain distance, while adjusting to try the cantilever lift, while observing the sagging phenomenon is improved, until the lamp body is to maintain a certain height, so that the doctor can conveniently carry out the operating. This adjustment method will shorten the upper and lower stroke of the lamp body, and can only improve the sagging problem to a certain extent. If the adjustment is invalid, it shows that the spring has been aging, and can only be replaced. Individual old operating shadowless lamp, due to a longer service life, has this kind of phenomenon, the lamp body severe ptosis reached more than 10 cm, but by the methods mentioned above can adjust after normal use.

These cases illustrate that the installation and maintenance of shadowless lamp must check the joints carefully, can not tolerate the slightest careless. When checking, you can swing the lamp body vigorously to see if there is any abnormality, check whether the key part of the screw is loose, and find out the problems and solve them in time. So as to ensure the safe use of shadowless lamp.

The following is a brief introduction of maintenance methods for operating shadowless lamp.

Shadowless lamp is composed of a plurality of lamp holder, and the bulb also belongs to consumables, so, the most important is, first of all we every day to check the operating shadowless lamp bulb is still in normal working conditions, following proper examination methods: firstly, a piece of paper placed in the working area of operating shadowless, if there is a the lamp arc shadow, was already in normal working condition, should replace the bulb.

Secondly, the sterile handle also need every day to check is the operating shadowless lamp is in normal working condition, also is mobile and flexible, accurate braking, check the following methods: the installation time to hear the voice of the two “clicks”, that handle can be installed, disinfection work in a normal state.

Again, is the daily clean everyday, want to use alkaline solvent, such as soap, scrub shadowless lamp appearance, should avoid the use of chlorine lotion (corrosion) and alcohol solution (plastic and paint) cleaning.

Standby power supply system is also a shadowless lamp, battery is normal, need to check a check each month, the method is as follows: cut off the 220V power supply is connected, to see whether the start of standby power supply.

In general, the average service life of the bulb for 1000 hours, so for the holder, is basically a year to replace once, the premise is that the use of shadowless lamp manufacturers specify the original lamp.

The annual inspection, the general need to go through the training of engineers, first tighten the fixed power line connector, the control box at the input and output, and the joints of the screw and brush, and then adjust the rotation limit, lamp working voltage and the joint brake balance check suspension pipe and vertical suspension system each department.

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Post time: Nov-20-2017