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Xu Zhonghao’s finger fracture went to Beijing for treatment and third operations within five months

The cold, yesterday at five in the morning, before dawn, the Bayi men’s basketball team Xu Zhonghao Beilun sports car left the hotel to Lishe airport to fly to Beijing for medical treatment.

This season’s CBA League hasn’t finished yet, but Xu Zhonghao has to say goodbye to Ningbo in advance. Last Sunday he was injured in a match against Guangdong, a comminuted fracture of the index finger, and at least four to five months after the operation. Before leaving Ningbo, Xu Zhonghao said good-bye to the reporters. “See you next season!” The pain in the heart, the pain of the injury, only he knew…

Comminuted fracture of the right index finger

He ended up being forced to shoot his left hand in his left hand

In January 7th, former Guangdong national team coach Jonas in command of the visit to Beilun. For the eighth one, the strength of the game is imaginable. “In the first half by the defense army, leading 45-42 to the Guangdong men’s basketball team. Xu Zhonghao’s hand was injured in the first half of the game.

Someone has seen the CT in Xu Zhonghao’s hand. “The bones of the index finger are split open, and it hurts more!” It is this, Xu Zhonghao is hard to bite the whole game.

All said ten points of heart pain, the reporter is curious, how Xu Zhonghao can stick to the game in the case of broken fingers, also shot, penalty basket, rebound rebounds. “Don’t you hurt?” Xu Zhonghao was asked without a word, “what do you say!”

Beilun home record desk staff learned Xu Zhonghao’s index finger comminuted fracture, suddenly realized, “no wonder he can not start the last section with the left hand penalty basket.” At that time, the people around him said, why did he not grab the rebounds, the penalty basket began to use the left hand.

“He had to endure it all the time, and he did not talk to the coach. The coach told him to play, and he continued to play.” The man who is familiar with Xu Zhonghao knows that the big man, even if he is injured, looks like nothing. Coach A Dijiang also learned the results after Xu Zhonghao went to the hospital. He quickly asked the club staff to buy a ticket for Xu Zhonghao to go back to Beijing for an operation.

This year is the tenth year that Xu Zhonghao has entered the professional arena. The youngest of the team has been hailed as Wang Zhizhi’s successor. He has shouldered the team’s responsibility at the beginning of his career. Nine years down, more than 300 professional games, injury superposition, waist, left leg, Zuo Datui, ankle, knee… More times he chose to carry it, less to do more.

“So much he is silent, the play or play.” Assistant coach Wang Zhongguang was also a teacher and friend for Xu Zhonghao. When he knew his finger comminuted fracture, he could not say it was unpleasant.

Third operations will be performed in 5 months

Introduce yourself when already Qingjushulu

“The doctor has made an appointment, and the operation must be fixed with steel nails.” For four or five months. ” Xu Zhonghao to the newspaper reporter Kim qingjushulu.

Last August, Xu Zhonghao operated on the left leg before the National Games, and he went to the stadium shortly after the operation. At that time Zou Yuchen was also injured, very serious, and went to the United States for surgery. In the National Games, Xu Zhonghao took on most of the internal lines.

The Games ended, Xu Zhonghao began to prepare for the new season, while training course he become injured. The more afraid of what is becoming more and more. The fifth round of the league, the 81st game against Guangzhou, Xu Zhonghao was tied to the other side of the thigh by the other side, and the pain could not stand up at that time. After a short period of time, he went back to the game because he didn’t know how serious the injury was.

In such a game after another, until the CBA window period, Bayi finished the tenth round of competition, Xu Zhonghao had to go to the hospital to see that he had had serious leg blood clots and had to operate. At the end of November December 7th operation, stitches, December 12th, Xu Zhonghao stepped in to play the game.

In December 26th, the Bayi home court against the Shenzhen men’s basketball team, Xu Zhonghao had an elbow in the fight against the opponent, then the position of the mandible and bleeding badly bruised from flogging. This scene is an engraved reporter. By three centimeters a hole is very deep, the doctor gave him the needle. He was lying down and sewn up and then went on to the game.

In January 2018, a comminuted fracture of the right index finger. In 5 months, he will face third operations.

Reciprocal of achievement

Do not represent the spirit of disappear

For athletes, injuries are a testimony of their career. Just like the “God of war” Liu Yudong took out ten pieces of bone from the knee joint, it is called legend. “Xiao Li flying knife”, Li Nan knee joint removed 6 pieces of free broken bones. Growing up in such a team, Xu Zhonghao inherited the spirit of tolerance, although the team now and past performance can not be compared.

See everyone because of his heart, Xu Zhonghao will also sigh, “this season is really inch!” Continuous injury, continuous operation. But he did not want to worry about the injuries, and did not want to be paid attention to.

Xu Zhonghao said that it has begun to adapt to the use of left-handed meals, teeth brushing and shoelaces… “Maybe I’ll come back and get used to the left hand of my left hand.” He was easy to talk about his own situation and injury, the atmosphere. Injury is a common high frequency word for a spectator. But for professional players, they are far more likely to bear more than everyone can think of.

They have to withstand the injury caused to the body pain, sometimes pain will continue for a long time, will experience again, spending a lot of time and energy, will suffer. And this is just the beginning, sometimes they have to bear the public opinion to bring pressure on them, harsh views you strike was. Then it’s the rehabilitation training before returning, back from the Hugh mode back to the field frequency, and then returning to the field and finding that he is going to face a higher face.

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Post time: Jan-12-2018