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China medical experts at difficult surgery innovation into international standard operation

In January 8th, including intractable aneurysm and moyamoya disease, the incidence of cerebrovascular disease is high, the disability rate is high, and the mortality rate is high. It is a major disease that endangering the health of citizens.

8 reporter learned, Shanghai Department of Neurosurgery expert Professor Mao Ying team through innovative surgical diversion of cerebral blood flow, and years of improvement, improvement and promotion of the research results, greatly improved the Chinese cerebrovascular disease diagnosis and treatment features, benefit many patients; at the same time, some related technology has become the international standard operation. According to a series of technological innovations, such as radial artery transplantation, flow individualized bypass and computer simulation of blood flow reconstruction, Mao Ying’s project team made it possible to improve cerebral blood flow rapidly and continuously. This technique by the American Association of neurological surgeons cerebral vascular reconstruction and world class Department of Neurosurgery alliance promotion to a number of countries, has become an international standard operation.

On the same day, Mao Ying was awarded the two prize for the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2017.

Fudan University 8 disclosure, vice president, the Department of Neurosurgery of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University professor Mao Ying team for the first time using cerebral revascularization for treatment, established a new method to establish a set of individual brain blood flow, leading to the international level of diagnosis and treatment of refractory aneurysm changed the past “incurable”, and gradually achieve the “cure” and “cure”.

For the obscure and chronic progressive cerebrovascular occlusive disease moyamoya disease, Mao Ying’s project team set up a new mode of moyamoya disease brain bypass surgery, and pioneered the new operation. The 6 year prospective large sample clinical study showed that the curative effect was clear. The project group also built a multimodal assessment system, such as perioperative neurocognitive scale and computer simulation, and introduced the new strategy of individualized revascularization. It improved the neurological and cognitive function of patients after operation. The rate of rebleeding was only 1.9%, and the long-term effective patency rate was over 93%. The project group was invited to speak at the international moyamoya Congress in 2015.

According to reports, the project will be the cerebral ischemia and cerebral hemorrhage after nerve injury as a starting point, systematically expounded the mechanism of nerve injury and remodeling and innovation, put forward “the insulin-like growth factor injection” and “microglia induced polarization” and “vascular stem cell cultivation of” three kinds of treatment methods, in order to promote bleeding or neural regeneration after cerebral ischemic injury, has achieved significant effect in clinical research.

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Post time: Jan-08-2018